Ladies of Harley (L.O.H) is the group of female Harley-Davidson enthusiasts promoting activities and adventures from within a local Harley Owners Group (H.O.G) Chapter. The members of L.O.H. run their own meetings and sponsor activities that both ladies and men can participate in.

Whether you ride solo or as a passenger, the LOH helps promote ladies participation in the world of Harley-Davidson. The active members of LOH are a group of women who enjoy organizing and participating in social, travel and charitable events resulting in everlasting friendships, where laughter is heard and memories are made. LOH has something to offer everyone.

L.O.H promotes participation by ladies in the world of Harley-Davidson. Much of the Harley world is dominated by men but since H.O.G. is all about having family fun, the auxiliary group L.O.H was formed to provide an avenue for the ladies.A LOH is any lady that belongs to HOG and has a full, lifetime, or associate membership, and wishes to participate in the female forum. The members can be either rider or pillion as long as they are willing to participate a little or a lot.

How to join L.O.H

To be a member of Lakeside Chapter you need to be a member of HOG. To be a LOH you need to ensure you have selected the LOH option on your membership.

Sign in using your email address and password. Click on your name at the top of the screen and select “Manage My membership”, then select “Update Membership Profile” Ladies of Harley, is the second option on the page. Ensure that Yes is selected. It does not cost anything extra and you will receive an annual pin.


         Hello to all our existing Ladies of Harley and to all who decide to join us in the future.  I'm lucky enough to be your LOH officer. I didn’t find the Harley lifestyle till a bit later in life which I feel is a great shame, as I feel I have missed all the previous years that I could of spent enjoying with our amazing Chapter.


Since joining Lakeside Chapter I have enjoyed European rallies, and riding many miles pillion on my husbands Harley until gaining my own license. So now I'm looking forward to being able to organize events, days out etc... For all our lovely ladies :)


            If you are considering joining our friendly Chapter as a rider or a pillion (because its your husband or partners hobby) please come and give our ladies a go as we have so much fun. I certainly have made lifetime friends from my experience. I hope I can make as good a job as our previous LOH officers have done as they are hard acts to follow. As a Chapter we all work together ladies and gentlemen alike. So here's to some new memories we are going to make together.    

Tracy Robson Common

LOH Officer